Attendee Responses

Comments from Conference Directors

“Wow! Were you ever loved! Thanks so much for serving on the faculty for the Montrose Christian Writers’ Conference. Comments from conferees were overwhelmingly positive. Several people suggested that we have you back. That will make me look like a hero when we do!” –Patti Souder, Montrose writers’ conference director

“Thanks for your excellent effort at the writers’ conference. What a blessing you were to LOTS of writers. You RAWK!” –Rachel Williams, Mount Hermon writers’ conference director

Comments from Conference Attendees

Montrose_with_ShirleyB“Your Morning Challenge (The Roller-Coaster Ride to Publication) was the most meaningful one for me. Relieved some of the ‘publishing is overwhelming’ feeling. Great inspiration and reminders of needed balance in our lives. Great encouragement to keep on keeping on. Creative! Superb!” –2016 Montrose conference attendees

“Your morning session on ‘Why Write?’ was so powerful that I purchased a tape to listen to it again and again! (along with other tapes of your sessions) Thank you so much for sharing your heart. What an encouragement! –Maribeth Spangenberg, Montrose conference attendee

“Your presentation on ‘Why Write?’ was amazing. You should put your talk into brochure or pamphlet form so other writers can be encouraged. –Portia Randolph, Montrose conference attendee

“You were the BEST special feature ever! I loved your excitement and enthusiasm!” –Antoinette Brown, North Orange County Christian Women’s Club

“[Your] talk that compared writers to missionaries [was] very encouraging! Would you mind if I forwarded your [message] to some of my authors?” –Anne Goldsmith, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

“Wow, Kathy. I don’t often tear up, coming from a stoic Norwegian background, but your words really touched me. Thank you for taking the time to share this. Many, many blessings to you! –Michelle Griep

“Your words were very encouraging to me, [especially] after facing a lot of discouragement after the last writer’s conference I attended. Thank you for the confirmation. I know God has something to say through the work He laid on my heart and I’m determined to trust Him with when and where it will be said.” –Paula Moldenhauer

“The mentoring clinic has been very helpful to me as a writer. Mostly, I appreciate the gentle and supportive approach toward critiquing each other’s work. Thank you also for your excitement and encouragement.” –attendee of the 2009 mentoring clinic at Mount Hermon

“Thank you so much for leading our mentoring group. It was so wonderful to feel a kinship with everyone even before we all met at Mount Hermon. I learned a lot from you and can’t wait to revise my manuscript from all your wonderful teaching.” –attendee of the 2009 mentoring clinic at Mount Hermon

“This clinic more than fulfilled what I expected. You did a great job of helping us get to know each other and bond. You did a great job of keeping us on track. I would absolutely recommend this clinic to other writers.” –attendees of the 2009 nonfiction mentoring clinic at North Texas Christian Writers Conference

“This was excellent! The best part of the conference. I loved Kathy’s mentoring. Really valuable feedback. Awesome! I learned more from this clinic than the rest of the conference put together. Terrific, wonderful, life-changing. My writing is light years improved.” –attendees of the 2008 mentoring clinic at Mount Hermon

“Fantastic! Super helpful. Absolutely wonderful group. Kathy’s excellent. She needs to be a permanent plant for many reasons. I will come to the fall workshop and again next year if Kathy Ide will teach a mentoring group!” –attendees of the 2007 mentoring clinic at Mount Hermon

“The hands-on mentoring is far more helpful than just taking workshops. You learn so much by seeing what needs to be changed in your own manuscript and then having the opportunity to work on those things with the instructor right there to answer questions.” –attendees of the 2007 mentoring clinic at the Spring Writer’s Day of the Orange County Christian Writers Fellowship



“Kathy was wonderful! Her knowledge and expertise were unsurpassed. Every moment was worthwhile. Saved me from making some big mistakes. I felt informed and a stronger confidence in this journey of writing. Kathy was so informative and immensely helpful. I intend to pore over my notes again and again to cement Kathy’s amazing lessons in my head.” –attendees of the 2014 Montrose Christian Writers Conference



Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors
“I took your Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors class at Mount Hermon. Thank you for your help! I referred to your materials many times as I edited my manuscript. Two weeks ago I saw my editor at the Oregon writers conference. He said my manuscript was the most complete, ready-to-go manuscript he’d ever received from an author. My manuscript required no major rewrites and went right to the copyediting stage.” –Judy Gann

“Those of you who didn’t sign up for Kathy’s class are missing something. She has prepared incredibly well and is even making sense to me who has a major problem with grammar, punctuation and other technical things about writing.” –Lynn Coleman, director of American Christian Romance Writers

I used to be so bad at this stuff but now I’m armed with your lessons. They are in their own file next to my dictionary and thesaurus. Thank you so much for the time you took to put all of this together! –Diana Brandmeyer, ACRW

I have been writing a long time, and I’ve learned a lot that I didn’t pick up in English classes. Kathy put together information that I am going to treasure with my Strunk and White. –Gloria Peterman, ACRW

“Packed with practical information on a relevant topic. Every writer needs to improve their PUGS.” –Orange County (CA) Christian Writers Fellowship

“Fast-paced, humorous, full of useful information. It challenged me. Kathy is engaging, knowledgeable, interesting, and well prepared. A talk on punctuation may sound boring, but Kathy makes it fun and challenging.” –Orange County (CA) Christian Writers Fellowship

“Kathy Ide’s PUGS was an entertaining approach to what can be a deadly boring but very necessary subject. PUGS covered so much that I’ve wondered about and gave me the resources to learn even more.” –Montrose (PA) Christian Writers Conference

Typing without Pain
“This session was informative, interactive, and very helpful. I got good hints for taking care of my body.” –Montrose (PA) Christian Writers Conference

“I took your advice and paid a visit to a doctor yesterday. Just think, after years of ignoring and living with pain, I’m finally doing something about it. You gave me hope that it doesn’t have to be this way. I also heard your warning that it will only get worse. Your message struck me in a profound way and I’m convinced God placed me in your class and gave me ears to hear it. May many others be blessed by your passion to help others and your hours of research!” –Shawna Kelly, ACRW Conference 2004

The Option of Self-publishing
“Excellent. Very helpful. Great resources. Good job presenting materials. Kathy was very impassioned about what she had to share.” –Mount Hermon (CA) Christian Writers Conference


“Kathy Ide touched my life, and my ministry will be blessed!”

“Kathy was one of the most valuable parts of the conference for me.”

“Kathy helped me spiritually and mechanically. She was an incredible support to me at the critique station.”


“Please invite Kathy back. I think she should be here every year.”
–Montrose writers’ conference

**Kathy is also available for one-on-one consultations and critiques of submissions by conferees.** Click on the “Workshops Taught” link for a list of workshops and keynote/plenary presentations Kathy has given.