Avoiding Mistakes that Say “Novice”–VIDEO!

I just discovered that a video I recorded for the Bestseller Society is up on their website! The topic is “Avoiding Mistakes that Say Novice.”

This is my first web video, and they didn’t tell me ahead of time that if I brought an electronic version of my notes they could be put on a teleprompter! So my notes were off to the side, which means I look away from the camera WAY too much–especially at the beginning. Not too thrilled about that part. But–the tips are valuable! So if you can get past my repeated glances at my notes, you can learn:

  • How to get your writing accepted by an acquisitions editor
  • How to avoid the mistakes that will send your manuscript straight to the trash bin
  • What to look for to make your manuscript the best it can be

This video (along with several others) is a benefit of membership in the Bestseller Society. So if you’re a member, I hope you’ll go to BestSellerSociety.com and watch it! If you’re not a member, you can check out the Bestseller Society at http://www.bestsellersociety.com/.