Christian Editor Network LLC

Effective midnight on May 3, Christian Editor Network LLC went from being a three-partner business to a solely owned company … and I’m the owner! This was not something I anticipated until just a few months ago.

I founded The Christian PEN in 2004, Christian Editor Connection three years later. In 2014, I launched the first PENCON. Three years ago, Jenne Acevedo and Christi McGuire and I joined together to create the Christian Editor Network LLC, with those organizations as individual divisions. Since education and training had become such a large aspect of The Christian PEN, we separated that out into The PEN Institute as a fourth division of CEN.

Earlier this year, after a great deal of prayer, Jenne and Christi decided to withdraw from their roles in the company, as God had called them to focus on other areas of their lives. Christi will be assisting her husband with the development of a growing family-owned business, and Jenne will be redirecting her energies to allow more time with her family.

I am extremely grateful to these amazing women for all they did over the past few years to take the organizations I founded and help create a thriving, successful business. I am also extremely grateful that they hired and trained directors and assistants to take over the tasks they’d been doing! As I’ve met, talked with, and begun to work with the individuals Jenne and Christi chose, I’ve been thrilled to see how smart, passionate, and talented they all are.

As I contemplated taking over operations of CEN, I told God I was going to need help managing everything. In a way that had His fingerprints all over it, He led me to the perfect person: Lindsay Franklin. Lindsay has been involved in the various divisions of Christian Editor Network for years, she is excited about everything we do, and she has the skills, background, and experience to take CEN into its next phase. I could not be more thankful for her … and grateful to God for leading me to her and for preparing her perfectly for this role.

I’m excited to see what God does with CEN through this amazing team He has assembled!