Collaboration Services

Got an idea for a book, but don’t want to go to all the time, trouble, and expense of learning how to write professionally? I can help you:

  • get your thoughts on paper
  • organize your material
  • categorize your book concept
  • identify target readership
  • get the manuscript written
  • edit, proofread, and polish
  • determine which publishing options work best for you
  • research agents and/or publishers who may be interested in the project
  • send query letters and/or proposals to agents and/or publishers
  • personally assist with marketing the book after it has been published

Click here to e-mail me if you’d like to discuss the possibility of collaborating with me. Please include:

  • a paragraph describing your manuscript’s content/focus/theme
  • an indication of the target audience you’re writing for
  • whether you’re shooting for a commercial publisher or planning to self-publish
  • whether you’ve contacted any agents and/or publishers regarding this project
  • Please also include sample chapters and an outline/synopsis/summary if you have them.