Critiques at the CEC

In addition to being a “matchmaking” service for authors and editors, the Christian Editor Connection offers overall critiques of proposals, sample chapters, or complete manuscripts for a set fee with a thirty-day turnaround.

Why is a professional critique valuable?CEN graphic 1

  • A professional proposal critique will greatly enhance your chances of acceptance by a commercial publisher.
  • A professional chapter critique will give you practical ideas on how to write or revise your entire manuscript. 
  • A professional manuscript critique will help make your book the best it can be, no matter which publishing option you choose.
  • A professional critique will give you a distinct advantage in today’s competitive book-publishing market.

What is included in a critique?

  • feedback on the commercial marketability of the concept
  • input on the overall tone of the writing
  • ideas for what to add and what to take out or shorten
  • a detailed evaluation of your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • encouraging comments on what’s working
  • personalized suggestions for improvement
  • assistance in applying professional writing techniques
  • formatting tips
  • practical ideas for how to polish your writing
  • an analysis of whether this book would be better suited for independent publishing rather than commercial publication, and why
  • suggestions for helping you determine the right publishers/agents to submit to

If you are interested in getting a critique from the Christian Editor Connection, go to, click on the Critiques tab, and fill out the Critique Request Form.