Divine Healing God’s Way

Are there things we can do—or not do—to convince God to physically heal us or our loved ones?

This question has plagued the hearts of many who have longed for divine healing. If I only had more faith … if I prayed more or prayed differently … if I were a better Christian … if I just did the right things, surely God would heal my precious loved one (or me). After all, He loves us, and our family and friends, even more than we do, right? Why would He not perform a miraculous physical healing? Unless there’s something we’re not doing right.

A few years ago, a dear writer friend of mine, Brandilyn Collins, referred someone to me who had a story to tell and needed a coauthor to help make it publishable. As I got to know Daniel Arrotta through the files he sent me, I saw a man who had wrestled greatly with the question of divine healing.

In 2006, Dan noticed his three-year-old daughter, Shayla, was having trouble walking. At a gut-twisting doctor’s visit, he received the devastating news that she’d been diagnosed with a fatal, incurable disease. Guilt-ridden over poor life choices that limited his ability to care for her, Dan set out on a quest to clean up his life.

Get sober.

Attend church.

Pray and ask others to pray.

Read the Bible—and books about divine healing.

Take Shayla to healing services where people who were far more spiritual than Dan would lay hands on her and anoint her with oil and pray for her.

He was determined to do whatever it took to convince God to heal his daughter.

As I worked with Dan on his fascinating story, it clarified my own understanding about divine healing and bolstered my faith.

When we had a solid manuscript, I showed it to my good friend Renae Brumbaugh, who recently launched a small traditional publishing house called Armonia. They specialize in books that help and encourage families of children with special needs (in addition to a few other specialties). Renae and I decided this would be a great fit.

Get this book from Amazon, in hardcover or paperback, and join Dan on his journey of discovering God’s view of divine healing.

If you’ve struggled to understand divine healing, or know someone who’s dealing with that heart-wrenching issue, this book can provide a perspective that will raise your spirits and deepen your faith in the God who loves us and who is able to do exceedingly more than we could ask or think or dream or imagine (Ephesians 3:20–21).