Fiction-Lover’s Devotionals

I have an exciting announcement that a major publishing house has just decided to take both of my fiction-lover’s devotional manuscripts to committee. If you have been thinking about submitting material for either of these manuscripts, now is the time!

Modern-Day Parables

This is a compilation of short fictional stories, accompanied by Life Applications to help readers glean scriptural truths from the stories—similar to the format Jesus used when He told parables and then explained to His listeners how the stories applied to their everyday lives.

Timeless Truths

This is a compilation of short fictional stories based on Bible characters, also accompanied by Life Applications.

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Bios of contributing authors will be featured at the end of each chapter. Titles of recently published works and website addresses can be included in the bio. So these devotional compilations will be an excellent opportunity for new readers to discover you and your books.


  • Fiction Story: 1,500-2,000 words
  • Life Application: 250-500 words giving truth, teaching, and inspiration related to the story
  • Short stories must be FICTION. No true stories (not even fictionalized true stories).
  • Since I am a professional editor, I will most likely edit your submission. You need to be OK with that.

E-mail me via my contact page at for complete guidelines and sample submissions.