I have a new Facebook page!

I just discovered that businesspeople are supposed to have a separate Facebook page from their Friends page. (Guess I’m a little behind on Facebook etiquette!) So I’ve created a separate page, which I’ve called “Kathy Ide, Author/Editor.” 

If you’re already my “Friend” on my Kathy Ide page, you should be receiving an invitation to “like” my new page. If you click “Like” on that request, you’ll automatically be added to my new Author/Editor Page.

If you didn’t get an invitation, you can do a search on Facebook for “Kathy Ide, Author/Editor.” Just click “Like” there.

I will eventually change the original Kathy Ide page to just personal contacts. So if you want to keep getting my posts of writing tips and publishing updates on Facebook, please switch to my new Author/Editor page. Thanks!