Non-Amazon Customer Discussions

FD ForumsIn my last three blog posts (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), I shared what I’ve learned recently about Amazon’s rules for customer reviews and Amazon’s “Customer Discussions” feature.


Amazon’s Customer Discussion Guidelines state that the purpose of this feature is to connect readers with other customers “to share your questions, insights, and views about products available on”

I recently learned that places other than Amazon have something similar. Goodreads, for example, has a Q&A section. (Here’s the link to the one for 21 Days of Grace.) They also have a number of Christian book clubs.

There are also Facebook pages where readers can discuss books. (Here’s one I found.)

Well, even before I knew about those opportunities, I created something for a similar purpose on my FictionDevo webpage.

When I was putting together 21 Days of Grace, I knew the stories written by the contributing authors would touch readers’ hearts and change their lives. And I wanted to hear about some of those stories! So I put together a forum page on the FictionDevo website. I also created a Facebook page for discussions about the series.

Since 21 Days of Grace is the only book currently available in this series, there’s just one forum. (When 21 Days of Christmas comes out on September 1, we’ll add another.) Beside the cover image, you’ll see this paragraph:

What do you think about the idea of a devotional for fiction lovers? If you’ve read any of the stories in this book, what did you think of them? How did the Holy Spirit speak to your heart through these fictional stories and the life applications? Share your thoughts–and read what others have said–on this forum. Just click on the green link above the cover.

If you click on the title (in green letters above the book cover), you’ll find the Grace forum and the topics that have already been started. You can read what others have posted and/or start a new topic. (You need to log in to create a new topic.)

I’d love to hear what you think about this.