Novel Crossing–check it out!

300x250-Square-woodsmallAt ACFW last week, I learned about an exciting new venture in Christian fiction. Novel Crossing has an extensive database of Christian fiction titles: currently close to 10,000 books from more than 50 publishers. It also has articles from top Christian fiction authors, reviews from readers, and more. It’s a community where readers can find and discuss Christian fiction.

The goal of the website is to deliver news, reviews, and community to Christian fiction readers. How cool is that?


Authors can update their own author profiles, interact with readers, review one another’s books, even write devotionals based on novels.

Readers can post tweet-length reviews, create discussion threads, track their online bookshelves (and those of their friends), rate books and authors they like … and share reviews, articles, and other content on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Novel Crossing will provide readers with recommendations on new authors and books they would like based on the books and authors they already like. The Novel Crossing e-newsletter contains updates on books and articles custom-tailored to each subscriber, based on their interests.

Sounds like a great idea to me!