With true self-publishing, the author takes responsibility for the entire process of publication, either performing the steps personally or hiring someone to do them. These steps include:

1. Writing the complete manuscript (or hiring a ghostwriter/collaborator)
2. Editing the manuscript (or hiring a freelance editor)
3. Proofreading (or hiring a proofreader)
4. Cover design (or hiring a designer)
5. Getting an ISBN/barcode for the book
6. Typesetting (interior design)
7. Formatting the manuscript for the printer
8. Printing the book
9. Getting your book set up with a distributor
10. Getting the book listed on Amazon (if you desire)

Self-publishing can be more cost effective than subsidy publishing and may result in a higher-quality product (or at least something that is more appealing to you).

The completed books are the author’s sole property, and you keep 100 percent of sales proceeds. (You also get a royalty from the distributor(s) on books sold to people other than yourself.)

I can assist you with all the steps in this process (usually for considerably less cost than with a subsidy publisher). If you prefer, I can provide referrals and recommendations for other individuals and/or companies that provide each of the above services.