SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference 2018

The second annual SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference was amazing. A LOT went into the preparation for it, but I had an incredible planning team who voluntarily gave of their time and talents to make this happen. And wow, did God ever bless it!

I’m having a great time reading the comments posted on the Facebook page for attendees. Here are just a few excerpts:

  • This is a very low-key, friendly conference. A great choice if it’s your first writers’ conference.
  • You will not find a more welcoming, supportive, encouraging group.
  • I adored the conference. I’m marinating in so much of what I gleaned. The relationships I formed feel like life-long friends. The worship cannot be described. I learned so much from so many and witnessed God’s encouragement and empowerment. I’m so glad THIS was my first conference. I’m hooked!
  • [My friend] and I laughed and learned our way through the conference.
  • I had an incredibly impacting three days. The main sessions were anointed, the worship was sweet, the workshops were helpful, the appointments were encouraging and insightful, and the attendees friendly and inclusive. I am refreshed and motivated.
  • It was an amazing conference! I learned so much from all the faculty.
  • I think the most meaningful thing for me, besides all I’ve been learning that is leaving my head spinning, is the genuine approachability of the faculty.
  • It was evident by all the conversations and sharing going on that God was orchestrating big things.
  • Many divine appointments. My soul is refreshed!

This is what makes all the preparation work worthwhile.

I’d like to extend a deeply heartfelt word of gratitude to my core planning team (or, as Lori Twitchell calls us, the “trifecta”):

Susan Beatty, my illustrious assistant director

Sandra Barela, my incredible planning team coordinator

This conference could not possibly happen if I didn’t have these women working closely with me. They are very gracious with me, they make the planning enjoyable, and the value of their friendship is incalculable.

Under Sandy’s fantastic direction, we had a wonderful team of coordinators for this year’s conference:

Sami Abrams, appointments coordinator

Carol Allwood, transportation and sponsorship coordinator

Denise Barela, special activities coordinator

Rebecca Bruner, web coordinator

Denise Colby, social media coordinator

Xochi Dixon, prayer coordinator

Deb Gruelle, bookstore coordinator

Jeanette Hanscome, welcome coordinator

Aleigha Israel, registration coordinator

Elisa Joulifan, lodging coordinator

Linda Matchett, newsletter coordinator

Keri Spring, faculty coordinator

Kara Swanson, conferee communications

Lori Twitchell, marketing coordinator

Julie Williams, creative coordinator

Almost all of those coordinators had assistants who helped out in a variety of ways. I am so grateful to everyone who had a hand in making this year’s conference such a wonderful and Spirit-filled event.

If you attended the conference, I hope you’ll post about your experiences with the hashtag #SoCalCWC.

If you’re interested in attending the third annual SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference, keep an eye on the website,, and our Facebook page,, for announcements of details such as dates, location, faculty, and program.

If you’re interested in helping with the preparation for next year’s conference, please use the Contact page of the website,, and let us know where your areas of expertise and passion lie.

Hope to see you in 2019!