Testimonials from SoCal CWC 2017

I’m still basking in what the Lord did at the brand-new SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference last month! I’ve been reading (and rereading) the comments that attendees and faculty wrote on the evaluations and am in awe of what the Holy Spirit did in the lives of those who came. I want to share some of my favorite comments so you can get a glimpse into some of the highlights of the conference:


It sounds hyperbolic, but it’s 100% true that attending the SoCal CWC changed my life, because God spoke to me through the people there. I learned so much and met such wonderful, helpful people, I can’t wait to do this again next year! —Kathleen D


Coming to this conference changed me. Yes, the speakers, faculty, and workshops were incredible. But the best was interacting with other Christian writers and editors who tore my work apart so God could make it better. —Elisa J


Every conversation I learned something new and made a new friend to share my writing journey with. —Denise C


SoCal CWC provided much more encouragement, warmth of mentorship, practical resources, and opportunities for networking and submissions than I had hoped. The people are a delight, eager to help fellow soldiers in this arena of God’s war. —Abraham S


I so enjoyed this conference. I loved staying in the very affordable dorms because it gave me a sense of college student life. The people were so very nice, the food great. Speakers amazing. So many opportunities to meet faculty. One-on-one appointments. A vast wealth of information along with the common goal “to let our lives be all that God wants us to be—for Him!” —Denise A


I was so impressed by all that was offered for your first conference. I experienced so many “God appointments.” Can tell it was well prayed over. —Ruth K


I came here not sure what God had planned for me, but I knew He wanted me to come. I am grateful that I listened. It was a blessing to find an affordable conference. My daughter and I both learned a lot. —Melissa J


This conference may have just redirected my life. —Barb F


My agent and I met at this conference. Signed my first picture book contract on the grounds of Biola. I loved hearing encouragement from God’s Word about being a writer. I’m pumped and ready to write all summer! —Tina C


LOVED LOVED LOVED IT. Warm, friendly community. Dorm was very comfortable. Faculty members were ALL GREAT! Because it was my first writers’ conference, I learned only a fraction of what was available. I can’t wait to come next year to learn even more. I am going home with a wealth of new ideas. —Gaye B


I looked forward to the SoCal conference to renew my desire to write. I learned so much and really was excited to get back to my writing. But I realized it wasn’t about my writing that God brought me to SoCal. It was about healing my broken heart. How He loves me is amazing! —Mary A


The focus of this conference was on the active work of the Holy Spirit working with us to write words that He will use to transform lives in Christ. This work of writing is first and foremost a gifted ministry to real people whom we must love. —Charles S


I loved the “spirit” of the conference. It surpassed my expectations! It was inspirational to be around Christian writers of such diverse interests and gifts! This conference moved me forward in my writing journey! —Nancy B


I was in a funk about my writing, not knowing if this was what God wanted me to do. I stopped believing God could use my writing. But He met me here and answered my fears. Thank you. —Bruce D


If you’ve never attended a Christian writers’ conference, I urge you to consider going to one soon. Sure, there are books and podcasts and webinars and free writing advice on the Internet. But only at a Christian writers’ conference will you get these kinds of divine connections and personal encouragement and fun interaction with fellow authors and other professionals in the publishing industry.

Christian writers’ conferences have played a vital role in my journey. I feel so blessed to have been chosen by God to direct two of them. What an honor it is to play a part in putting the pieces together that the Lord uses to make these incredible moments happen!

If Christian writers’ conferences have played an important part in your writing journey, won’t you share some of your experiences here?