The Christian Editor Connection’s First Excellence in Editing Award Presentations

I was honored to present the very first Excellence in Editing Award at the Realm Makers conference in Philadelphia on July 29. This year’s award was open to books published in 2015 in the genres of science fiction and fantasy. Etched-glass trophies were presented to Sarah E. Morin for Waking Beauty (fantasy), Steve Laube editor, and
 Nadine Brandes for A Time to Speak (science fiction), Karen Ball editor.
 Both of these books were published by Enclave Publishing.
 The author of each winning book also received twenty award seals (to place on copies of the book for book signings and giveaways).

What is Realm Makers?

Realm Makers seeks to help foster excellence in the speculative arts, whether fiction, film, illustration, or whatever else one can imagine. It’s their goal to help artists who want to market their work under the Christian umbrella as well as those who want to pursue their goals in the mainstream marketplace.

The world of science fiction and fantasy can offer some challenging terrain for the Christian creative. But the Realm Makers conference is a place where people who follow a faith-based worldview and who love spaceships or sword fights can call “home.”

How can an author submit a published book for next year’s award?

The Christian Editor Connection is currently accepting entries for the 2017 Excellence in Editing Award, which is open to books published in hardcover or paperback during 2016. Books must be written in English, have been released in North America, and contain a Christian worldview. There are six fiction categories and two nonfiction categories.

Judging will be based on organization of content, flow, clarity, tight writing, accuracy, consistency, lack of typos, and proper use of industry-standard guidelines for punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling. Our judging panel includes CEC members in good standing who are established, professional freelance editors currently working in the Christian publishing industry.

If you have a book coming out in 2016, I hope you will consider entering it. If you know the author of a well-written and well-edited book coming out in 2016, please encourage him or her to enter! Details are at