The Conference that Almost Didn’t Happen … More Blessings!

If you read my previous blogs about the Orange County Christian Writers’ Conference, you know that I very nearly cancelled this year’s conference … but that I’m really glad I didn’t, because God did such amazing things there.

Since I was the director, I got to invite a lot of really cool people to serve on faculty—including some who were good friends before and some who became good friends during the conference. Kathy at OCCW

But God actually used all of the trials that occurred in the preparation of this conference to bring about an unexpected blessing. During the months when I was going crazy trying to put on an event in spite of numerous obstacles, I ended up being responsible for every single aspect of conference preparation. I’d been part of planning teams before, but this was the first time I’d been in charge of everything. God brought an amazing team of volunteers to help me accomplish it all. (Thank You, Lord!)

A couple of weeks prior to the conference, I actually felt ready to start planning the event. And before I knew it, it was over.

Appointment OCCWOn the last day of the conference, I talked this over with the chairman of the OCCWC. In what I consider to be a major miracle of divine unity, he and I came to a totally mutual agreement that he would continue to run the Orange County conference and I would launch a brand-new Southern California Christian Writers’ Conference. We will both fully support each other’s events.

I’m really excited about the possibilities for this new SoCal conference. It will be at a different time of yeParticipant OCCWar from OCCWC, and at a different location, and because it’s brand new, I can do things in a fresh, new way. My awesome volunteer planning team has already started discussing some options. (Spoiler alert: We’re intending to have tracks and/or workshops on Christian spec fiction and writing for Hollywood!)

We have a Facebook page for the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference, and more information will soon be available at So visit those often for details if you’re interested.

When have you trudged through a series of trials and then saw God’s overwhelming blessings in the results?