The Conference that Almost Didn’t Happen … Revisited

On January 25, I posted about the Orange County Christian Writers’ Conference that I was asked to direct. I wrote about the numerous obstacles we had to overcome in a very short period of time—starting with losing our venue in September … for an April conference. Then losing the person who’d done our website, marketing, and registrations in October. Losing the website in November. Finally being ready to accept registrations in January (for a mid-April conference) and finding out the PayPal buttons didn’t work!

But through it all, I heard God loud and clear saying, “I know you’re tempted to cancel. But don’t do it. I have plans for this conference.” He brought amazing faculty. And gave me a fresh, new idea for a program: all-day mentoring tracks plus a Resource Room full of industry professionals taking appointments. And a tremendous team of volunteers who pulled together at the last minute to make everything happen.

A month before the conference, as I left for the Mount Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference, we were still really low on paid registrations. I prayed God would send a flood of paid registrants while I was gone. He responded by giving me a praise chorus: Hillsong’s “Still,” which has this line: “Father, You are King over the … flood!” The Lord told me not to worry about attendance, registration, or making ends meet. He had the power to send a flood if He wanted to. And if He didn’t, He’d have a very good reason.

On Palm Sunday morning, as I entered the sanctuary with all the other Mount Hermon attendees for the worship service, a music video was playing to set the mood. It was a male quartet called Kaoma singing “Still”! (You can hear it here.) I looked around and thought, I hope the rest of you are enjoying this too … but guys, this song is God’s special gift to me!

When I got back from Mount Hermon, I expected to have a flood of registration. Not a single person had signed up for the OC conference the whole week! I found out the registration page on the website had glitched. Sheesh! Really? The Enemy was still trying to stop our event. But that just confirmed to me that God had big things planned for us.

We ended up with almost enough paid registrations to cover expenses—HALLELUJAH! But far more important, I heard feedback from numerous attendees about all kinds of amazing, incredible, miraculous “God appointments” and “divine blessings” they experienced. And you know, all of the obstacles and hassles and irritations that went into putting this conference together faded into insignificance. Just like I knew they would.

What situations in your life are frustrating you right now? You can find rest for your soul in Christ alone as you acknowledge His power, “in quietness and trust.” Click on that link a few paragraphs up and play that Kaoma rendition of “Still” a few times. Then be still … and know that He is God!

Next week I’ll share about some of the tangible ways God blessed me at the conference.