The Cycles of Motherhood

Introducing-Joy21 Days of Joy, the fourth book in the Fiction Lover’s Devotional series, just released on April 1. Enjoy this excerpt from my short story about my own mom.

I had a great mother and a happy childhood, free of dysfunction and abuse—little realizing at the time how unusual that was. Today, most people I know struggle to overcome issues related to neglect, abuse, even abandonment from their family of origin. But there was one thing I knew, without a shadow of doubt, as I was going up: my parents loved me.

A funny thing happened when I was an adolescent, though. My mom changed, practically overnight, into a rule nazi. She implemented a curfew—even for prom night. Inconceivable! She refused to let me drive alone into Minneapolis for an event that lasted till almost midnight. What was wrong with her? And if my boyfriend came over, she insisted the bedroom door stay open. Did she think I couldn’t be trusted?

Using my own highly developed judgmental skills, I defied some of her rules … and got grounded for it. When she caught me.

A few times, I became so upset with my mom that I shouted, “I hate you!” and stormed down the hall to my room, slamming the door so hard the walls trembled.

Another funny thing happened when I had my first child. Again my mother made a major transformation. This time, she suddenly became amazingly wise, compassionate, and patient. Whenever I had a question or concern about what to do with my son, all I had to do was pick up the phone and call her. She always gave me good advice, calmed me down, and helped me work through the problem. And she repeatedly reminded me that “this too shall pass.” Especially when my kids seemed to hate me for the decisions I made that I believed were best for them.

I’m in my “empty nest” season now. (Although, since I live in Southern California, my nest isn’t actually empty very much of the time. My husband and I regularly have relatives come to visit and take in the local tourist attractions. Both sides of the family have told us repeatedly that we are not allowed to move! Not that we would—we love being the “Ide Bed-and-Breakfast” for them.) I am extremely blessed to have healthy relationships with both of my adult sons.

And my mom? Well, she seems to have made yet another transition. She’s now my friend.

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