Truly Loved

For Nancy Williams, contributing author to 21 Days of Christmas, most of her stories come from real-life experiences. Get to know Nancy in my interview with her today.

Tell something about yourself as a person and as a writer.

I live in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks with my husband, John. We have two adult children and six beautiful grandchildren. I’ve been writing for sixteen years and editing books for other authors for the last fourteen years. My passion is working on cutting-edge works that change lives, sharing the greatest news of all: that we are truly loved and can be redeemed if we will only respond to the wooing of Jesus.

What inspired you to write the story that’s included in 21 Days of Christmas?

I’ve lost several people who were dear to me. Every time, I felt like my world had stopped spinning, but life went on around me. It’s an odd sensation that I believe is universal during times of loss. I wanted others who are going through similar situations to know that someone understands what they’re going through. And they can take comfort in knowing that God promises to be with them at all times if they belong to Him.

What else do have you written?

I have released twenty-nine titles, all but one of them romantic suspense, and all available from my website at

How has God used fiction to touch your heart or change your life?

When my family and I moved to Missouri in 1999, I was quite homesick and struggled with childhood issues of inadequacy. As I wrote my first few books, putting my heart into them, my own issues began to heal. I find storytelling to be very therapeutic and I encourage others to write (even fiction) when they need to dump destructive emotions. It works!

Thanks again for sharing with me and my followers, Nancy!


Nancy WilliamsBio:

Nancy Arant Williams is a retired RN, the author of nearly thirty books, a speaker and book editor, and the former associate editor of Beautiful One Magazine. She has been writing and editing for over fourteen years, and her passion is helping others realize their amazing identity in Christ. She and her husband, John, are Nebraska transplants who live in the heart of the beautiful Missouri Ozarks. She has two married children and six remarkable grandchildren. Visit her at