Who Am I?

And I have a passion for helping them improve their writing

Have you been working on your manuscript for what feels like forever? Maybe you’ve shown it to some people, perhaps even fellow writers or critique partners, but you know it needs more.
I can help you take your writing to the next level.

Maybe you haven’t found a critique group or partner to help you. You may have received positive feedback from friends and family, but they don’t really know writing techniques or the publishing market.
I can help you make your manuscript shine.

Do you feel almost ready to submit your manuscript to an agent or publisher, but want to make sure it’s the best it can be before you send it off?
I can help you improve your manuscript’s chances of acceptance.

Have you self-edited your manuscript to the point where you don’t even want to look at it anymore?
I can provide fresh insights and ideas that will help you fall in love with your manuscript again.

Have you written some nonfiction but now want to branch into fiction?
I can teach you the techniques that are unique to novel writing.

Are you planning to self-publish? You need someone who can catch the mistakes, discrepancies, and inconsistencies you might have missed and show you how to make your book the best it can be.
I can help you write a manuscript you’ll feel confident about people reading.

Do you think your manuscript is already perfect? Is your desire merely to have someone tell you how wonderful it is?
I’m not the best person to send your work to. I do love encouraging serious writers. But if all you want is raves, show your manuscript to your mom, not me.

If your goal is to improve your writing, grow as an author, hone your craft, and polish your skills, you’ve come to the right place!

After working with me, my clients have:

  • had their first manuscripts accepted by leading Christian publishers
  • become represented by top Christian agents
  • landed multi-book publishing contracts
  • placed in the top-ten lists of favorite/best authors
  • been finalists in major Christian writing contests
  • won awards for their books with the Christian Booksellers Association
  • received letters from readers that tell of major heart and life changes that have occurred as a result of their books

Through working with me, you will receive the benefit of the wisdom I’ve gleaned from years of education and experience in the publishing industry. Click here for a description of my Background and Training as an author, editor, and writers’ conference speaker.

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Not sure if I’m the right editor/mentor for you?

If you’d like a variety of editors to choose from, or if you’re just looking for a basic proofread or critique, I can help. I am the founder of the Christian Editor Connection, a division of Christian Editor Network. This organization has established, professional freelance editors with a variety of backgrounds, specialties, areas of expertise, rate ranges, and turnaround times. Just go to www.ChristianEditor.com and fill out the form to Request an Editor and they will personally connect you with the editors who fit your specific needs.


I would love to hear about your current work-in-progress and let you know how I can help you. Click here to e-mail me. Please include:

  • a paragraph describing your manuscript content/focus/theme
  • an indication of the type or level of editing you’re looking for: overall critique, substantive/content edit, line-by-line copyedit, basic proofread, etc. (If you’re not familiar with these terms, Click here.)
  • whether you’re shooting for a traditional publisher or planning to self-publish
  • your deadline/turnaround goal

Are you an aspiring screenwriter? I am too! I learned the craft from professional screenwriters who have had multiple scripts produced, and one of them has personally mentored me. Now I’m waiting for God’s timing for it to be picked up. In the meantime, I have proofread scripts for a top producer at Sony’s Pinnacle Peak Pictures (rebrand of Pure Flix) and received high praise for that work. If you’re interested in having me proofread your screenplay, contact me. I’d love to chat with you.


If you are a part-time or full-time freelance editor, or have been thinking about possibly getting into that field, click here to find out how I can help you establish or enhance your business.