Do-it-Yourself Printing

Most copy shops (like Kinko’s) and many office-supply stores (like Staples) offer various book-binding services. Alternately, you could purchase binders or report covers at an office supply store and fill them with three-hole-punched sheets of paper. If clear-front covers are used, you can design an attractive cover page using either a color printer or specialty paper. A variety of paper designs are available at office-supply stores as well as companies like Paper Direct and Idea Art.

Even if you’re only making a book for family and friends, I strongly encourage you to get a professional edit/proofread to make sure your writing flows smoothly, doesn’t contain anything that could potentially be misread or found offensive, and is free of typos, inconsistencies, or errors in punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling. (If you think you know enough about those things to proofread your own writing pretty well, check out my page of “PUGS Pointers.” If you’re interested in having me edit/proofread your manuscript, click here.  If you’d like help finding another editor/proofreader through my Christian Editor Network, click here.