Editing Secrets of Best-Selling Authors

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Successful writers spend a lot more time editing than they do writing. They know that what they write from the heart needs to be analyzed by the mind to make it the best it can be. To ensure that the story or message they want to convey comes across clearly and effectively.

In this book you’ll find tips from actual best-selling authors who have studied editing techniques and implemented them, resulting in books that have reached the hearts and touched the lives of countless readers. Editing Secrets of Best-Selling Authors is a collection of tips they believe are the most important aspects of editing a manuscript.

If you’re an aspiring, beginning, or intermediate writer, the tips in this book will help you polish your manuscript and get it ready for publication. If you’re an established author, these tips can help you edit other writers’ manuscripts, either in a critique group setting or as an editorial freelancer. By applying these techniques, you can turn your rough draft into a masterpiece!

Editing Secrets of Best-Selling Authors is an excellent resource, especially for aspiring authors hoping to turn professional. This book includes a comprehensive primer on the many layers and facets of the editorial process, sandwiched between gold nuggets of advice from authors who have traveled the road before us.

Lindsay A. Franklin, best-selling author and award-winning freelance editor

I wish everyone who had submitted a manuscript to me as an acquisitions editor had read this book first. What helpful tips and techniques to boost your writing to the next level!

Erin Taylor Young, author, podcaster, speaker, cohost of Write from the Deep