The en dash (see CMS-15 #6.83; CMS-16, #6.78–81; CWMS p. 168) is used for connecting inclusive numbers, including dates, time, or reference numbers. For example:
1981–1982      pages 31–33    Daniel 13:3–15  


Some word processors can convert hyphens to dashes. In MS Word, go to Tools, AutoCorrect, AutoFormat. Put a check in “Symbol characters (–) with symbols (—).” Then:

To make an en dash, type a word, insert a space, then type a hyphen, then type the next letter or word followed by a space. Once the hyphen converts to an en dash, delete the spaces before and after it.

MS Word has keyboard shortcuts for dashes. For an en dash, hold down the Ctrl key and hit the hyphen on your number pad.

If your computer can’t convert, a hyphen may be used in place of an en dash, with no spaces before, after, or in between.

Note: Article manuscripts (per the Associated Press Stylebook) do not use the en dash.