Here are some responses from people who bought Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors (or its predecessor, Polishing the PUGS). For more endorsements, check out Amazon’s page for Proofreading Secrets of Best-Selling Authors.

“Kathy Ide’s manual is a result of her knowledge of the subject and thorough research. Her love for the language and for writing is evident. This resource will be a favorite for writers, editors, teachers, and everyone else who enjoys words.” —Pam Pugh, Moody Publishers

“Kathy Ide’s book is a fantastic resource. Concise, well-researched, and conveniently organized. I refer to it often.” —Deborah Raney, Award-winning novelist

“I’ve been writing many years, and I’ve learned a lot through my writing and critique groups that I didn’t pick up in my English classes. But with this book, Kathy has put together information that I’m going to treasure with my Strunk and White.” —Gloria Clover, Freelance author and editor

I have been writing, editing, and proofreading professionally since 1976. Kathy Ide’s wonderful book is worth so very much. She has addressed issues that I have not seen covered elsewhere, and I am extremely familiar with many style/grammar books. Her explanations and examples are some of the best I have encountered. I cannot recommend it enough. —Marilyn A. Anderson, Freelance editor and writer


That’s right. Don’t buy a copy. Buy two copies: one for yourself and one for someone you’d like to help.

Grammar/punctuation books abound by the hundreds. Kathy’s offers a service that’s invaluable. Every time she gives a rule or principle, she cites the CMOS reference.

I have two popular Christian style books on my desk. Both of them make statements without backing them up. I prefer to have the backing of CMOS on every bit of editing I do.

Please take my advice: Buy at least two copies. Someone else will be glad you did.

Cecil Murphey, author and co-author of 135+ books


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