Helping Editors


Have you ever thought about doing proofreading or editing for pay?

Would you like to do freelance proofreading/editing but aren’t sure whether your skills are good enough?

Have you done a bit of proofreading/editing, discovered you enjoy it and are good at it, and want to see if you can do it for a living?

Maybe you’ve done some freelancing, but your business hasn’t really taken off as you’d hoped.

Are you in the “feast or famine” stage, where some months you have more work than you can handle and other months you wonder if you’ll have enough income to pay the bills (and your friends and family members start nagging you to “get a real job”)?

Maybe you’ve already established yourself as a professional, with plenty of work on a steady basis from ongoing clients and referrals. But you don’t have time to do every job that comes your way. You don’t like turning down jobs, but you have to be selective about what new clients to take on.

Are you sometimes asked to work on projects outside your areas of expertise? You know you’re not the perfect editor for those jobs. But your only options seem to be to attempt the work anyway (and hope you do a decent job of it) or turn down the business.

Are you tired of working in solitude, with no opportunities to communicate with others who face situations similar to yours?


I am the owner of Christian Editor Network, which has four divisions to help aspiring, beginning, intermediate, and established editors.

The Christian PEN is a professional support organization. With multiple membership levels, you can get access to our online discussion loop, a quarterly e-newsletter, a subscription to CMOS online, and loads of helpful discounts. Click here for details, or visit

cec-temporaryChristian Editor Connection is for established, professional editorial freelancers. Its purpose is to personally match authors and publishers with qualified editors who meet their specific needs. If you occasionally experience the “feast or famine” syndrome, or you’ve got plenty of jobs but they’re not all ideally suited to your areas of expertise, this organization is for you. Click here  for details, or visit the website.


As the only conference for editors in the Christian market, PENCON seeks to equip editors of all kinds. Aspiring editors can learn what it takes to break into the freelance editing field, while experienced editors can sharpen their skills and be encouraged by other professionals. In-house editors, first readers, and more can benefit from a variety of sessions about publishing and working directly with publishing houses. PENCON takes place in early May. While it originally met in various locations across the country, we switched to virtual in 2020 and have stayed with that format since it better suits the needs of more attendees.


The PEN Institute is the premier online educational institute for Christian editors. Our online courses are available in multiple formats: group instruction, one-on-one training, lesson packs, webinars, and individual mentoring. Participants in our group courses receive personalized feedback on assignments from the instructor, as well as responses and input from fellow students. One-on-one classes have instructor feedback. Lesson packs and webinars are available for instant download and contain the curriculum without the group experience and instructor feedback. Individual mentoring is personalized training with an established editor.

Whether you are just beginning your editing career or are looking for an advanced class to update your skills, The PEN Institute has courses for you.