Hope for Mount Hermon CWC!

Two weeks ago I announced, sadly, that the Mount Hermon Association had decided to not sponsor the Christian Writers Conference in 2021 … or beyond. I added that there was hope that someone could take over sponsorship of the conference as a guest group at Mount Hermon. And I asked you to pray.

I am thrilled to report that agent Steve Laube has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds needed for him to sponsor the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference in 2021. If we reach that goal, the conference will be back, hopefully for years to come.

If you are able to pledge to this campaign, you can get special rewards, like:

  • A digital copy of The Christian Writers Market Guide 2021  
  • A $128 bundle of courses from the Christian Writers Institute
  • Recordings of the 2021 Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference
  • Registration for the 2021 Conference
  • And more!

If you’re struggling right now and can’t support the campaign financially, I totally understand. If you would be willing to share a link to the campaign with your writer friends, that could make a big difference.

You Can Also Help the Mount Hermon Association

If you want to help Mount Hermon survive this global crisis, here are a few options:

Send a financial donation through www.mounthermon.org/give.

If you make a donation of $20 or more, and you mail the check to me, I can send you a copy of Celebrate the Legacy, the 50th anniversary gift book we put together for the 2019 conference. Email me for details.

The most important thing you could do—for the Mount Hermon Association and for the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference—is, of course, to continue praying. We think we may have figured out God’s plan for the MH CWC, and we are stepping out in faith. Thank you for taking that journey with us.