Laura Christianson–The Brain Surgeon Method of Building a Website (and why it doesn’t work)

A warm welcome to my guest blogger, Laura Christianson! Laura helps entrepreneurs establish a vibrant online presence and owns Blogging Bistro. So happy to have her here!

A brain surgeon and a writer were having coffee together when the brain surgeon announced, “I’m taking a six-week sabbatical to write a book.”

The writer responded, “What an amazing coincidence! I’m taking a six-week sabbatical, too, and I’ll use the time to become a brain surgeon.”

Anyone who has written a book and had it published (and I am one of those people, so I speak from experience) knows that it requires a great deal of study, skill, and perseverance.

When it comes to building a website, many of us think like the brain surgeon: I’ll just take a few hours and build my website. It’ll be great!

After all, I took an art class in high school. I know how to use a computer. And I take cool pictures with my smartphone. Plus, my 16-year-old nephew is enrolled in a computer programming class. He can help with the technical parts of my website.

We happily start creating our website. We upload the software and install one of those free themes and we think, that was easy!

We start to customize the theme, and… uh oh – this isn’t as easy as the sales copy promised. I have to know HTML code! Hmmm. Better text my 16-year-old nephew.

You text him, but he’s in the middle of his sports season and says he won’t have time to help you for at least two months.

Now what do you do?

What a lot of us do, after we’ve exhausted our other options, is to start contacting companies that build websites.

You zap off an email: I need a website for my business. How much does it cost?

It’s a valid question, because we’re all on a budget.

But instead of quoting you a price, the website vendor starts asking YOU a bunch of questions. Questions you don’t know how to answer.

You wonder, Are they expecting a certain answer? If I give them the wrong answer, will the price skyrocket?

Worst of all, you aren’t sure what questions to ask THEM to ensure that you get the best deal.

Website Budgeting Made Easy

That’s where Your Website Budget Blueprint comes in. During my online training program, I’ll guide you, step-by-step, through 22 critical website features you need to budget for. The comprehensive website budget you’ll create will ensure that you don’t “guestimate” how much your website should cost. You’ll know.

You’re also going to know exactly what questions to ask a prospective website development company.

You’re going to know how to evaluate their answers so you can judge whether you should run away from that company or hire them.

You’re going to know how to confidently answer the questions the website company asks you.

Whether you build your website yourself or hire help, I want the website-building process to be a positive, rewarding experience for you.

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About the Author

Laura Christianson helps entrepreneurs establish a vibrant online presence. She owns Blogging Bistro, a business that specializes in custom website creation and website education. Laura has authored several books and thousands of articles, and she serves as Marketing Director for West Coast Christian Writers.