Mentoring/Career Coaching

Are you interested in a long-term working relationship in which you will learn a variety of writing techniques using your own manuscript(s) for the lessons and assignments? With my mentoring program, you will receive detailed instructional material and specific suggestions on how to improve your manuscript while honing your writing and self-editing skills.

My mentoring program is like taking an in-depth writing course, but with these advantages:

  • You work at your own pace.
  • You set your own goals.
  • We use your manuscript(s) as the assignments.
  • You pay for as many hours in advance as you want.
  • The program can be revised, extended, put on hold, or stopped at any time.

Additional advantages of the Mentoring Program:

Faster turnaround. My editing lead time is usually about 4-6 months. With this mentoring program, you reserve a certain number of hours with me every month for a specified period of time.

No rate raises. The hourly rate we agree on is locked in for the period of the agreement.

STEP ONE: Consultation
You send me a sample of your writing. Based on that sample I estimate the number of pages per hour required for an initial edit. (As you incorporate the skills you learn, your writing will become more polished, so later edits will cost less per page.)

We discuss your writing goals. Together we come up with a planned schedule to reach those goals. Here are some examples:

  • 24 chapters in one year (divided by 12 months = 2 chapters per month)
  • 20 pages per month
  • 10 hours per month
  • $500 per month

If you choose a certain number of chapters or pages as your goal, we will estimate the number of hours per month and the approximate monthly payment.

If you wish, we can come up with a written agreement. This agreement is a commitment you make to yourself. It is very open and flexible. Can be revised, extended, put on hold, or cancelled at any time.

STEP TWO: Education
You pay for a certain number of hours in advance. Payments can be made monthly, quarterly, or annually. Or you can put me “on retainer,” making an up-front payment (any amount) and having me work the number of hours paid for until they’re close to used up, then you send another payment.

I assess your work, point out errors (typos, misspelled words, punctuation mistakes, grammar errors, etc.) and offer suggestions for improvement. I may recommend specific books or writing assignments that will help you hone your skills.

You study my corrections and recommendations, ask questions if anything is unclear, and revise your manuscript according to the suggested changes. You then send me additional material, repeating the cycle, each time learning more about writing and self-editing.

STEP THREE: Publication
When you have a complete manuscript that is ready for publication, I will assist you with preparing a proposal and searching for an agent and/or publisher who’s right for you. And when you land that contract or agent, I’ll be celebrating right along with you!

Or, if you choose to self-publish, I’ll help you prepare your manuscript for that.

Career Coaching
I can help guide you along your writing career path, from choosing which projects to focus on in what order, to polishing those projects, to determining the best publication option for each one. I will use my years of experience in the industry, kept up-to-date with ongoing contact with publishing professionals.