New Book Announcement

While proofreading a manuscript (mine or someone else’s), I often have to stop and think about whether a word should be capitalized or not. I get out my in-print dictionary or style guide, or go to my online subscription or CD-ROM. And after spending a while researching the various resources (not all of which agree), I usually find the answer I’m looking for—eventually.

I’ve often thought how much easier it would be if there was an alphabetized list that I could check at a glance to see whether certain words should be capitalized or not.

Not finding such a thing, I created one! My Capitalization Dictionary is an alphabetical list of words that writers, editors, and proofreaders often wonder about when it comes to capitalization. Since different reference books sometimes have different rules, the Capitalization Dictionary identifies whether a word is capitalized or lowercased according to each of the industry-standard style guides and dictionaries for book and magazine publishers. I’ve even included some trademarked brand names.

The Capitalization Dictionary is available on Kindle now for just 99 cents. The paperback book will be available on Amazon soon ($7.99 list price). Or get a copy directly from me at one of my upcoming conferences!