Publishing Options

Want to get a book published? There are several options available today:

1. Commercial (royalty-paying) publishing
2. Subsidy publishing
3. Self-publishing
4. Do-it-yourself printing
5. Electronic publishing

Following are brief descriptions of each option.

Commercial Publishing
The books you see in bookstores or other retail outlets are, in general, published by standard, commercial publishing houses. You may have perused the titles, or read some of the books, and thought, I could write a book like that (or maybe, I could writer a better book than that). But getting a book published commercially is a lot more complex and involved than most people realize. If you want to have your manuscript considered by a royalty-paying publisher, click here to find out the steps you’ll need to take.

Subsidy Publishing
You can get your book published in a format that looks just like what a commercial publisher would put out (or at least close) . . . for a small (or not-so-small) fee. For many writers, subsidy publishing has some advantages over commercial publishing. Click here to find out more.

Rather than accepting a preset package of services from a subsidy publisher, you can take responsibility for the entire process of publication, putting every aspect of the process out for bid or hiring someone (such as me) to walk you through the process. Self-publishing can be more cost effective than subsidy publishing and may result in a higher-quality product (or at least something that is more appealing to you). Click here to find out more about self-publishing.

Do-it-Yourself Printing
Perhaps you just want to have a book printed for family and friends, something you can give out for Christmas gifts and hand down to future generations. Click here to find out more about this option.

Electronic Publishing
Maybe you simply want to get out the message God has given you, and you don’t care whether it gets into printed form. Many authors publish their writings on their own websites, e-newsletters, and/or blogs. For other electronic options, click here.

Whatever method you choose to get your writing published, you want your work to be the best it can be. It’s important to ensure there aren’t any glaring mistakes, such as typos, inconsistencies, or errors in punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling. Even professional writers and editors have a difficult time catching mistakes in their own work. So however you decide to get published, do yourself (and your readers) a huge favor by getting a thorough copyedit and a detailed proofread. Click on the other sections under “Helping Writers” to find out more.