Small Commercial Publishers

Discouraged by the daunting task of seeking publication with a major publishing house, but not ready to resort to self-publishing? Many small traditional publishers are open to new writers, accept unagented submissions, create attractive book covers, market the books they publish, and pay real royalties … without charging authors anything.

You can find these publishers in a market guide (such as The Christian Writer’s Market Guide). Be sure to get the most recent edition—or sign up for a subscription to an electronic version that is continuously updated and available online. (See

You can also meet acquisitions editors from small presses at some writers’ conferences (such as Mount Hermon and the SoCal Christian Writers’ Conference).

Be sure to study and follow the publisher’s writers’ guidelines before submitting.

Also, before sending anything to any publisher (traditional or subsidy), get your work professionally edited and proofread. Remember, many other authors who are pitching to those publishers will be doing this … and that’s your competition! (Contact me if you’re interested in a quote on my editing services. Or visit the Christian Editor Connection for more options.)

If you’ve worked with a small traditional publisher, I’d love to hear about your experiences and get your suggestions and advice. If your dealings with a publisher were positive, I may add that company to my recommended list and possibly invite them to serve on faculty at one of the conferences I direct.

If you are a reputable small press, please feel free to share details about your company (and a link to your website).