Small Commercial Publishers

Discouraged by the daunting task of seeking publication with a major publishing house, but not ready to resort to self-publishing? Many small commercial publishers are open to new writers, accept unagented submissions, work with the author on marketing, and pay real royalties … without charging authors anything to print their books.

Here are some I can personally recommend:

Judson Press

Lamp Post

Marcher Lord Press

OakTara Publishers

Pix-N-Pens Publishing

Sonfire Media

Splashdown Books

Write Integrity Press

Written World Communications


Be sure to check and follow the publisher’s writers’ guidelines before submitting.


Also, before submitting anything to any publisher (commercial or subsidy), check with Preditors & Editors.


If you know of some small commercial publishers that are reputable, please let me know so I can add them to my list.