I have done a lot of speaking and teaching at writers’ conferences and other author events. While I’m doing a lot less of that now, if you’re interested in having me at your event, feel free to contact me.

Mentoring Clinics

Up to ten attendees submit pages of their manuscripts in advance to me and to others who have signed up for the clinic. Prior to the conference, attendees critique/edit one another’s work via e-mail. At the clinic, they discuss key points of each author’s manuscript together (similar to a critique group). I add my professional input and give each author a written critique to take home and review after the conference.

Private Tutorials

Authors submit pages of their manuscripts in advance to me via mail or e-mail. At the conference, I meet one-on-one with each author to provide personal, hands-on critiquing, editing, and consulting. For multiple-day conferences, writers can revise/rewrite their manuscripts, based on my input, then meet again to review the changes.

Brainstorming Sessions

At the conference, I meet one-on-one with attendees for half-hour or one-hour sessions where we talk about anything related to writing: how to get started, deciding what to write, what to do next, publishing options, the publishing industry … anything the attendee wishes to discuss. (Prior to these sessions, I always pray that God will direct the conversation so that His words and guidance will come through. By the end of each session, the attendee feels encouraged and empowered to take the next step on whatever path God has for him or her.)

Click here for a list of workshops and multiple-session tracks I teach as well as keynote/plenary presentations I offer.