Testimonials from Satisfied Clients


Several of my editing clients have landed book contracts with commercial publishers and/or agent representation after working with me.

A first-time author I started mentoring in 2002 signed a three-book contract with WaterBrook. Her debut novel, released in 2006, became a best seller throughout the US and Canada. Her second and third books in the series made the New York Times best-seller list.

In one month, five of my authors contacted me with exciting news. Four had been offered book contracts:

  • one for a gift book with Thomas Nelson
  • one for a Bible study with Hensley Publishing
  • one for a three-book women’s fiction series with Barbour
  • one for a three-book novel series with WaterBrook

Another of my authors landed an agent for her western novel that month.

All of them were first-time book authors.

One of my mentoring clients won the first Mount Hermon/Zondervan award in 2009, resulting in multiple book contracts.

I love being a part of making people’s dreams happen!


Books I’ve edited, and authors I’ve worked with, have been nominated, placed, become finalists, and won awards and medallions in several venues, including:
The Mount Hermon Writer of the Year award
The Mount Hermon Pacesetter award
American Christian Fiction Writers Book of the Year contest
ACFW’s Noble Theme contest
The ECPA Christian Book of the Year contest
The RITA awards
The Christy awards

Every year, Heartsong book club members vote for their favorite books and authors. In 2007, one of the top ten historical novels was a book I edited; in 2005 two of the top tens were edited by me. Three of my authors made the top ten list of Heartsong authors.


Cindy Woodsmall, one of my mentoring clients, wrote a three-book novel series called Sisters of the Quilt. Book one, When the Heart Cries, released in 2006, became a best seller on many lists throughout the United States and Canada. Book two, When the Morning Comes, was a CBA best seller and also made the New York Times extended list. Book three, When the Soul Mends, hit the number 13 spot on the New York Times best-seller list.

When Cindy’s first novel was published, Andrea Burns, a reviewer with Christian Book Previews, said, “The story is very well written, and the fact that it is Woodsmall’s first novel is surprising and difficult to believe.”

In an interview on Novel Journey, Cindy Woodsmall was asked, “What’s the worst piece of writing advice you’ve ever received?” Her answer:

“Freelance editors will steal your voice.” That may be true of some. … But Kathy Ide caused me to find my voice. Even now, if I can’t find my voice, I return to her and ask, “What am I doing wrong in this chapter or scene?”


“My stories, before your edits, feel like I weeded the garden on a 90-degree day, and afterward they feel like I’ve showered, changed clothes, and sat down in front of an air conditioner.” — Ed VanDeMark

“Kathy Ide worked side by side with me to turn in the best manuscript possible. I truly would not have been able to do this without her. She is top-notch.” –Tracey Bateman

“I highly recommend Kathy Ide’s editorial service. You can learn more about good writing from an excellent editor like Kathy than from any class or critique group. Less than a year after Kathy edited the first half of my manuscript, I received a contract for a three-book series with Barbour for that book and two others I hadn’t even written yet. Thank you, Kathy!” –MaryLu Tyndall

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE your edits!!! You have such an amazing eye, and catch things that snag the flow or cause confusion or lack of clarity. I finished the revisions last night and feel great about the final product. You’re the best!” –Sharon Hinck

“I really appreciate the work you did for me on my novel. You gave me a lot of good suggestions and helped me greatly improve the storyline. You helped a lot with bringing all the aspects of the story and characters together in smooth, enjoyable form. You motivated me to go the extra mile to make it my best. One reader told me that she hadn’t finished her last two novels but that she couldn’t put mine down and finished in less than a week. Thanks!” –Ayrian Stone.

“INVALUABLE is the way I feel about your editing of my manuscript. It reads so much smoother without changing my meanings.” –Lowell Googins

“As a journalist with nearly 30 years’ experience, I know the value of copyeditors. They are important coaches and mentors. The same is true for someone producing a manuscript intended for sale in the highly competitive book market. Considering the amount of time and commitment a book takes, a writer should consider an editor to be an essential investment. While I am sure there are many other fine editors, any writer would be well served by hiring Kathy Ide. Kathy has helped me sharpen my plot and pointed out many, many mistakes. With her help, my novel has improved quite a bit. Kathy did this for a price I consider quite reasonable. I cannot guarantee that I will be able to sell my manuscript. But I know the chances of rejection are lower now. It would embarrass me to present an acquisitions editor with one of the manuscripts I produced before Kathy checked it over.” –Jim Merkel

“I want to acknowledge the value of using your services for editing book proposals before they are sent to publishers. I truly believe it was one of the reasons my first book proposal was accepted. (Of course, the Lord was the #1 reason).” –Karen Blanks Adams

“You’ve really done an outstanding job. Thanks so much for your speedy work.” –Kim Garrison, CLASS Promotional Services, LLC

“I am impressed with your editing and think it is superior! You pay close attention to every detail. You seem to have a talent, when my wording is awkward, to know what it is I am trying to say and simplify it. Because of your editing, the work is easier to read as well as smooth and polished. I waited and looked for 5 months to find an editor, and I must say that having you was well worth the wait! Your editorial work and advice is exceptional and of incomparable value. I could never consider another editor after having seen your work on this book plus your honest, practical advice and encouragement to me.” –Jennifer Isberg

“With constructive criticism and encouragement, without attacking my story or characters, you helped me tighten my writing, eliminate redundancy and excess wording, tell instead of show, and fix shifting points of view. You helped me clearly and effectively express my ideas. I will be forever grateful for what I have learned from you.” –Jeanie Singler

“I learned a lot from your editing of my first three chapters. I was able to use the information to self-edit the remaining chapters in my book. You taught me how to write shorter, more concise sentences that have greater impact.” –Mark L’Hommedieu

“I utilized Kathy’s services at the early stages of my writing career. Her help was invaluable and saved me years of learning. I highly recommend her services to any new author and to any others who need that second set of eyes. Kathy is thorough and clearly explains her editing judgments. She uses a variety of sources and applies this knowledge according to the type of work sent.” –Linda Rondeau

“Kathy certainly knows her business. She is professional and encouraging. I never felt put down as a newbie.” –Heidi Gennari

“I appreciate Kathy’s willingness, involvement, encouragement and interest in my book as she edits it. She wants me to succeed and the book to be published. We’re both working toward the same goal.” –Sandra Schoger Foster

“Kathy has made a dramatic difference in the way I think about writing. I have learned a great deal from her comments and suggestions.” –Ron Craycraft

“Kathy’s editing changes have enabled me to communicate with greater clarity and have greatly improved the quality of my manuscripts. I appreciate her suggestions and her sincere desire to teach me to be a better writer.” –Mindy Ferguson

“Kathy is the most professional editor I have worked with. She is prompt, insightful, and responsive to communication. Through her eyes, I am able to see the areas that need work.” –Lisa Hoffman

“I enjoy working with Kathy. She has super editing skills, excellent communication, marvelous teaching, and is patient cooperative.” –Dr. Jeffrey Lovell

“Kathy’s editing services are outstanding. She improved my writing without changing my voice.” –Jason Mitchener

“Grateful thanks to my awesome editor, Kathy Ide. She has been an extremely valuable advisor and editor as she walked me through the ‘learning curve’ of this project.” –Laurie Steen Killingsworth

“I was given the names of three or four editors, who all provided sample edits and comments. But Kathy Ide beat them all far and away! In addition to a more efficient pricing method, her comments are more involved, showing that she is really thinking about the story. Those two things combined equal the most bang for my buck!” –Jacob Kuntzman

“I’d have either given up or spun my wheels for decades without Kathy.” –Cindy Woodsmall 

“The article you helped me edit was published in Today’s Collector magazine. I positively couldn’t have done it without your help. I sure appreciate all you taught me.” –Debbie Wheeland

“Kathy did a superb job of editing. I appreciated her insights. I was impressed with her knowledge of sentence structure and knowing when to add or delete description or dialogue. The end result was a fine-tuned book. I am proud to announce that my book, Home Sweet Home, is now published. I could never have accomplished this feat without Kathy’s editing services.” –June Weiner


“I received some critiques from professionals and peers [and] came to the conclusion that, for the most part, these people told me what I wanted to hear, not what I needed to hear. I realized that I might have already been published if they had been as honest as [you] are.” –Yvonne Unfried

“Your critique is very professional and the suggestions helpful.” –Linda Long


I would like to give special recognition to a person without whom this book would not have become a reality. Transcribing material from an English-speaking foreigner, and bringing order to a text that deals with ancient Hebrew, Bible doctrine, philosophy, science, and mathematics, called for an unusually talented and patient master of professionalism.

I am deeply indebted and praise the Lord for having put me together with Mrs. Kathy Ide, freelance author and editor. She has my highest respect and admiration. –Herbert R. Stollorz

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